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To 3commas portfolio manager clients, entities, business lines or entities individually, create sub-accounts in Lukka. You can automate and manage your business processes that involve crypto assets. Caspian is a high-quality trading platform for sophisticated traders. It offers a single interface to all major crypto exchanges, a complete suite trading algorithms, historical and real-time P&L and exposure tracking, as well as best-in-class customer support. We track your portfolio, which is the result of thousands upon hours of research, analysis, and hard work. It’s part a hands-off system that manages all the software, hardware, data feeds, integrations and everything else that can pull you away.

Best Crypto Chart Apps & Tools To Analyze Crypto (FREE & Paid) in … – Captain Altcoin

Best Crypto Chart Apps & Tools To Analyze Crypto (FREE & Paid) in ….

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This includes complex Crypto derivatives with many exchange connections. Detailed FX products along with many traditional securities like Fixed Income, CFDs, Futures, Options, Loans, Invoices etc. Realtime, mobile and portal reporting give you constant access to your funds. Along with many Crypto exchange connections we provide, API, FIX and multiple market data feed choices enable us to configure the Portfolio Management System exactly as you require.


Use our powerful backtesting engines to minimize your exposure from unnecessary risk. With the combined power of AI/Automation, you can make your crypto investments easy. Our all-in one crypto platform provides many benefits to crypto traders and investors, allowing them to increase their crypto funds with minimal losses and risk.

TradeHub is a turnkey crypto trading bot you can start with for free with their 14-day trial. It features countless trading strategies based on three basic principles of DCA, Grid, and Short. Stoic AIStoic AI is a crypto trading bot created by the Cindicator team, stoically automating crypto investing for beginner, intermediate, and advanced traders alike. Stoic is an official partner of the Binance Broker program, taking authenticity and security to the next level.

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We also provide Signal bots and Grid bots that require very little effort to setup and manage. Altrady will make you trade more and reduce unnecessary loss. To give our honest 3commas grid bot review, we can say that it’s one of the simplest bots to set up on the platform as the gridbot requires very little technical analysis. The best grid trading bot can run unmonitored for weeks, raking in steady profits.

Using eToro’s revolutionary CopyTrader technology, anyone can trade crypto by copying other traders. Select a trader that you want to copy, enter a amount, and click copy. You can track the trends of each coin with charts and advanced analysis tools. EToro is a trusted leader in the fintech industry for more than a decade.


Instantly be notified when your target https://www.beaxy.com/ is reached, when support levels are broken, orders are executed, and tokens are listed on Coinbase Pro. Your API keys and personal data are protected with industrial-grade encryption and proactive threat detection algorithms. Fat-finger protection alerts you when you are at risk of making an error in trades.

Pionex – Best for Crypto Trading for Beginners and Advanced Users

Set custom automated trades and never miss a rally or get caught in a dip. Coinrule obsessively seeks out effective market indicators to enable smart allocation of funds while putting you in control of your trading machine. Coinrule is a beginner-friendly and safe platform to send automated trading instructions to your favorite exchanges, including Binance, Coinbase Pro, Kraken, etc. Each rule can be set to run as fast as every minute and executes within seconds. Altrady is an extension of Crypto Exchanges to help you gain control over your trades. The unique visual feedback of your positions and trade history, provides instant insights in your progress towards profit.

To help you understand how the DCA bot works, let’s have an in-depth look at the 3Commas DCA long bot. The bot enters a trading position following a buy order and a take profit position when you wish to cash in. A DCA Long bot will average down the price to bring you closer to a profit. It will help you close a position in the green even though the price didn’t reach your initial exit target. Their knowledge base could feature more educational content aimed at beginners.

Depending on our goals as a r, each of these trading bots could be the ideal solution. At a high level, Shrimpy is designed for portfolio management, while 3Commas and Cryptohopper are designed for day trading. They have a simple tutorial in their mobile app which helps traders create their first bot and start trading. There is a deals tab split between In progress and Completed, and you can review your dashboard for active orders, win/loss ratio, realized profits, and the total number of trades.

  • Users can copy-trade the most successful strategies with a few clicks and trade as a professional.
  • This tool allows you to compete with Hedge Funds by providing analysis of patterns charted by crypto prices instantaneously.
  • Based on the sheer number of features in the Hobbyist level such as leverage strategies and advanced indicators, upgrading from the Free account is essentially a no-brainer.
  • You can fill 5 SOs, have 1 active SO but manually set your MSTC to 0.

Our advanced copy trading platform allows you to execute profitable strategies and achieve successful crypto trading results on autopilot. You can choose from a variety of unique strategies submitted carefully by crypto traders with proven track records. You have the unique opportunity to make capital gains while also enjoying regular investments and cryptocurrencies. Profits from active crypto trading without having to slack off. You can allocate your funds among traders using different trading strategies. You can adjust your risk level for each strategy that you choose.

Bitsgap – Best for Arbitrage across multiple crypto exchanges.

Empirica is a software firm that focuses exclusively on the financial sector. Our greatest asset is our strong technical team, with over 10 years of combined experience in IT systems integration and development. Quadency is a digital assets portfolio management platform that unites leading exchanges into one easy to use trading engine.


The vast number of technical indicators and complex configurations make 3Commas far too complicated for new traders. Configuring a trading bot on 3Commas has endless possibilities. Customers can leverage signals, technical indicators, and countless other triggers. This is a unique platform that has a website, mobile app, and a beautiful user experience.


In fact, that may be just what brought you to this 3Commas Review. Cryptohopper provides a wide range of resources for manual trading. Everything from stop-losses to options for taking the profit. However you want to manage your trading strategy, manually executing trades through the Cryptohopper trading terminal is a complete experience.

  • No need to install multiple apps for each exchange, just 1 app to rule them all.
  • It also has the advantages of high efficiency, discipline and systematic, and it also saves labor costs.
  • Set up a DCA bot to take advantage of bear or bull markets.
  • Our mission is to create a new ecosystem of cryptocurrency investment.

In addition, Defi swapping is another new feature that plays a key role at the beginning of a string of CoinStats massive transformations. To get started with CoinStats, you need to go to Google Play or App Store to download the CoinStats app then click on the Wallet icon on the tab bar and create your brand new CoinStats Wallet. ETC CoinStats wallet and Defi support are the significant recent addition to the platform. This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks.

All that is charged are regular transaction fees like any other form of trading on different markets within the exchange. A standard Bitsgap account comes equipped with smart orders, or algorithmic orders, to help control your risk/reward ratio with tools such as stop loss, take profit, and OCO. Switch between exchanges on the trading terminal which displays a sleek, front-end interface for all users.


Copy transactions of traders from around the world and benefit from their trading. CopyFX – a copy trading investment platform from RoboForex group. You want to earn money on the Forex market, but do not want to delve into the intricacies of financial operations, or simply do not have sufficient experience to trade by yourself. CopyFX offers you an opportunity to work with experienced traders and copy their orders to your account. You successfully trade on the Forex market and don’t mind sharing your experience with others, but you’re not confident enough that you’re ready to take responsibility for other people’s money.