2014, 0,375 LT.

Chardonnay, Welschriesling, Sauvignon blanc
white quality wine from Austria
Glass corked

Light gold colour, on the nose beautiful smell of fresh citrus with exotic fruit and acacia flowers. On the palate intense flavour of raisins and honey. Wine is very fresh and good balanced in sweetness and acidity. Wine has very long aging potential when the colour will change to brown, but taste will stay fresh and vivid.

8.3 % Vol. alc., 123.1 g/l Residual sugar, 11.0 g/l Acidity, contains Sulfites

bottled by Weingut Umathum GmbH, A – 7132 Frauenkirchen


€/Liter 46,66

incl. 20 % VAT excl. shipping