Grape seed oil

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Grape-seed oil, which in Austria usually refers to the oil extracted from the pip of the Zweigelt grape variety, has a delicate pale green colour. Its taste is grape-like and fruity with a pleasant aroma of wine. The oil is highly suitable for roasting and cooking game, meat and vegetable dishes, due to its high smoke point (over 200° C). It pairs perfectly with leaf salads, fresh cream cheese, mushrooms and fruit. The natural oil is cold pressed and produced from the best quality of Austrian red wine grape-seeds. Approximately 12 – 15 kilograms of grape seeds are required for every litre of oil. The bottled oil has a remarkably long shelf life.

Saturated fats: 11 %, monounsaturated fats: 26 %, polyunsaturated fats: 63 %


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