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zwei sterne Good

Delicately fruity aromas define the vintage

Delicately fruity aromas define our 2010 vintages. With a lower alcohol level, the wines are fresh and go down well. Due to cool and wet weather conditions, the harvest volume was rather small.

Weather conditions did provide some advantages however, and a strong veraison led to measured soil enrichment. We also made tremendous progress in humus buildup and root penetration over the last year.

As for the vines themselves there was an overall lack of sun and warmth, in addition to unfavorable weather at flowering and a number of fungal infections. A lot of experience went into conquering these challenges. Disparate maturity of the grapes as well as a wet autumn made it difficult to determine the optimal harvest time. That the 2010 vintage did indeed turn out to be a fine one was a happy result of the Föhn winds bringing in a window of fine weather in late September, allowing us to bring in the early harvest varieties. The wind stabilized rot, and led to some shriveling and a spike in sugar

concentration - thus giving the wines a real swing into the barrel.

By the middle of October temperatures had almost reached the frost point, exactly the right impetus to soften the tannins in Blaufränkisch grapes. Harvesting of the other red grape varieties then began, and the Hungarian Lindenblättriger variety developed well too.

By the beginning of November the Beerenauslese and Trockenbeerenauslese wines were ready.

The harvest yield was one-quarter smaller than average over the years, and the Sankt Laurent quantity was particularly small.

The young wines are defined by fresh and lively fruit aromas and invigorating acidity; the red wines are delicate with an alcohol content somewhat lower than in recent years. We can expect a most palatable vintage that will no doubt soon be finished off.