Scalable Startup Entrepreneurship: Definition and Examples


Your people are your foundation; if you allow cracks to form, things will crumble as you try to scale up. It’s easier to plan for scalability early on than to try and force a square peg into a round hole once your business is already up and running. Seek feedback and data wherever possible, including research into key competitors. Don’t be afraid to fail; failure is a natural part of the entrepreneurial journey.

When you go to build a team, don’t look for people who are just like you. Startups work hard to attract talented, often young employees to work with them. The platform provides two types of services, i.e., diagnostics and ‘Plan My Surgery,’ which means that patients can schedule procedures with the best doctors at affordable prices. 3Hcare is a healthcare services marketplace that provides intensive information on the healthcare services offered throughout the country.

These entrepreneurial ventures sometimes involve purchasing smaller businesses that can meet the needs of existing target markets. Innovative entrepreneurs create their businesses with the intent of bringing completely new products or new ideas to market. As a business‘ customer base grows and evolves, a large company entrepreneur may acquire an existing company offering innovative services.

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The concept of entrepreneurship is basically seen a business startup which involves considerably a bigger chance of risk and an idea to bring something new in the existing market. There are many entrepreneurs ideas and models which involves the concept of venture capitalism and angel investors but there are many scalable business ideas which need to work on their own. A business model where there is human resource involves on every level you have to work accurately with minimum errors to bring great value to it. Every business has different working and operation models and that is the first thumb rule to expansion that you have to know in and out of your business. The basic principle of every business model is the same whether you are running a shop or a startup is to sell, increase your value in the market and earn profit. The difference is just in the way you conduct your business with relative to time.

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Scalability has become increasingly relevant in recent years as technology has made it easier to acquire more customers and expand markets globally. As mentioned, you need to equip yourself with entrepreneurial skills to stay ahead of this competitive market from an academic institution that has the foundations and science of establishing a business. No matter how experienced a professional is, it is pretty difficult to say whether a startup is right option to choose or not. The idea of climbing ladders is on everyone’s mind, but there are very few who take it in reality.

Scalability: What a Scalable Company is, and Examples

In other words, it is a no-brainer for people to buy and can produce large investor returns. Entrepreneurship refers to a process that primarily involves developing, launching, and distributing products or services to establish any business venture. It also includes various risks or uncertainties; however, an entrepreneur works to overcome them and incorporate their skills to earn profits. An entrepreneur is defined as an individual or group of people who launch and operate their own business. Toms shoes was a pioneer of social entrepreneurship, starting in 2006 offering a one-for-one sales model that gave a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair of shoes sold. What separates social entrepreneurship from other types is the measure of success, in that the goal is not focused solely on financial gain but also on the social impact.

Being an entrepreneur is challenging, but those with these characteristics have the potential to be successful. For your startup, that means successfully budgeting, learning personal finance, and getting down and dirty with the numbers. Sometimes, that might include looking for the best startup business loans if you need help with capital.


Entrepreneurs who create this type of entrepreneurship have the idea of making changes in the world. This means that scalable startups typically receive funding that they use for growth, development, and research. Social entrepreneurship involves entrepreneurship, where an entrepreneur sets up an enterprise primarily to produce products and services that can be profitable to solve social problems. In simple words, enterprises providing innovative solutions to solve community-based issues fall under social entrepreneurship.

Banks, for example, can use digital advertising strategies to increase sign-ups for online banking services, expanding their customer base and revenue potential. Do the preliminary research and build a user persona to get to know your target customers. This fictional representation of a user group fueled by real data includes their thoughts, feelings and motivations.

They Have a Strong and Inclusive Company Culture

The primary thing that distinguishes this https://bookkeeping-reviews.com/ is that rather than building a new business entity from scratch, it is the creation of a new business entity within an existing company. Working with Canva co-founder Cliff Obrecht, who is now Perkins’ fiance, she launched an online school yearbook design firm at the age of 19. Now, at the age of 26, Perkins has made her dream of a free, easy-to-use design platform a reality. Once the company is established, seek out ways to grow revenue by expanding into new areas and product lines.

Today, we know that the most successful companies have a vision beyond making money. They have a larger vision they’re working toward that the entire organization can engage with. This provides motivation for employees and creates storytelling opportunities for scaling.

It delivered more relevant results, with a simpler interface than its competitors’ cluttered “portal” sites, and achieved huge user growth as a result. There are a lot more factors involved, too, and we’ll look at them in the next section. By the end, you’ll have a clear idea of the main characteristics of a startup, and that will give you a much fuller definition of what a startup is (and isn’t).


At the end of the day, it is the way you choose to run your business that makes them differ from one another. From picking which type of venture you want to develop, to creating a business website that targets the right audience, there are many steps you’ll need to take to become a successful entrepreneur. Whether you are just starting out and opening a business, or developing an existing one, understanding the types of entrepreneurship is an important part of your journey to success. While social, scalable, and large and small business entrepreneurship are the main types of entrepreneurial ventures, there are additional models that we’ll discuss below.

Habits to adopt as a budding entrepreneur

In the process, this startup is disrupting the antiquated commercial real estate industry. S. Chamber of Commerce, “7 Steps to Becoming a Successful Social Entrepreneur.” Get practical steps for launching a socially oriented venture. Social entrepreneurship often involves alternative forms of fundraising, which may include grants, sponsorships, or small-donor fundraising within the community. While Netflix is generally an acquisition-light company, it has broadened its reach through various creative ventures. One example is its acquisition of StoryBots, which proved instrumental in Netflix building out its children’s programming lineup. Business Know-How, “16 Tips for Starting and Succeeding in Your Own Business.” Review some best practices for launching a small business.

Many great startups have failed because of the early steps without concrete base. This type of entrepreneurship commences with a vision that they can make some changes in the world. Their investment comes from the venture capitalist as well as by employing efficient employees. Once they find that model, they further started raising funds from venture capitalists for the growth of the business.

Bigger In Bend — Building A Regional Startup Cluster – Forbes

Bigger In Bend — Building A Regional Startup Cluster.

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The final model to consider is social entrepreneurship, which seeks innovative solutions to community-based problems. The social change in question may pertain to environmental conservation, racial justice, or philanthropic activity in an underserved community. Imagine serving 100 million clients in your web design business, and you’ll see the difference.

Small business entrepreneurs are focused on creating and running their own business, either on their own or with the help of family members. This group of entrepreneurs includes many owners of mom-and-pop shops and boutiques, as well as trade workers and consultants. Put in the work now, because factoring in scalability when creating your business is imperative to its growth down the road. They can’t rely on brand loyalty built up over years or decades like their big, entrenched competitor can do.

The create & send an online invoice for free earned through such ventures is invested towards the company’s goals and research, rather than the development of the enterprise or expansion. In large company entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs primarily focus on planning innovations and turn them into products to meet customer needs and attract new customers. In economics, entrepreneurship can be incorporated into a combination of land, labor, various natural resources and capital. The most common example of entrepreneurship is the beginning of a new business venture.

High growth is not just an objective of a startup—it’s a key component of its business model. This means that imitators use another business concept and set up their business venture. These business enterprises come to the category of the imitator entrepreneurship. However, imitators tend to focus on improving product quality by filling the fault of others. They learn from and fix mistakes made by others, creating a new and improved version of the product.