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“The Location Kirschgarten”


The vineyard can be divided into two parcels which are considerably different in their soil:
“Unter den Terrassen” and “Joiser Kirschgarten”.

The vineyard has first been mentioned in 1214 by a document and has been awarded the privilege of an indicated origin since 1524.
Jois had at that time together with Neusiedl/See and Rust the probably first appelation worldwide. During the “Thirty Years” at around 1621 the earls of Harrach received the vineyard first as fiefdom, later on they owned it totally. At around 1700 the original terraces had been constructed. Josef Umathum could buy the vineyard in the year 2000 and rebuild the totally decayed terraces. In just six months work with about 15.000 working hours and hard detail work, the original state of the terraces has been completed. Today the terraces can be treated with the latest machinery.

After a fallow for decades, one of the best vineyards in Burgenland has been replanted with vines in 2001. The parcel shows all conditions which wine experts consider as “grand Terroir”: a unique micro-climate, perfect soil-conditions, an optimal exposure to the sun and a long history. Even for amateurs it is visible that this is a very exceptional vineyard.
The south-east slope, well protected from the wind, is a geological treasure. Although situated more than 100 m above sea level one can almost feel the lake. The mild air of the lake blows gentle over the terraced vineyards. As the parcel is above the foggy area, we can harvest even very late in autumn without any danger of rot for the grapes. This slow finish of maturity leeds to particularly fine and mineral aromas.



A break line across the whole hill separates the parcel into two vineyards with different soil characteristics:


The former strand of the pannonian primal-sea shows calcareous clay and shell limestone with a dense structure and a perfect water-storage-ability, ideal for Pinot Noir. 


On the hillside we can find schist interspersed with quartz. Here the roots of the vines can enter deeply into the rock and are therefore safely integrated in the soil which protects of drought, leads to constant growth and alows a good reflection of the soil. Ideal conditions for Blaufränkisch.

The notation on the label is “Joiser Kirschgarten” which means about “cherry garden of Jois” as cherry trees have been planted for hundrets of years next to the vines in this vineyard. The cherries from Jois very higly renowned at turn of the century and had been marketed on the Wiener Naschmarkt till the 1980’s.

The alignment of the vines is from north-west to south-east, the terraces themselves are cross. The light-coloured sandstone walls reflect perfectly the sunrays on the grapes.

  • Kirschgarten ®

    2018, 0,75 LT. Blaufränkisch

    red quality wine from Austria
    Glass corked

    Brilliant ruby red colour, on the nose dark cherry note with impressions of blackberries and graphite aromas, that is reflected on the palate, full body wine with smooth and long finish. 13.5 % Vol., 1.3 g/L Residual sugar, 5.7 %o Acidity, contains Sulfites bottled by Weingut Umathum GmbH, A – 7132 Frauenkirchen


    €/Liter 60,00

    incl. 20 % VAT excl. shipping