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The Vineyard


If the soil starts the story, the wine ends it. The chapters of this creative history tell of careful tending of the soil, considerate treatment of the beneficials, and maintenance of biodiversity.

An intensive differende of opinion with nature over the natural life cycle reflects a change in the way man thinks about life. It is not materialism, rather inner strength which gives us energy and warmth. Particularly agriculture is an undertaking which follows the ground rules of nature indispensibly. We have long been concerned with this theme, and in 2005 decided to follow the path of biodynamic agriculture. Our agricultural activities follow the theoretical principles and thoughts of Rudolf Steiner, the Austrian anthrosophic. It has nothing to do with the esoteric or mystical, rather reflecting long-term health, biodiversity and culture.

This kind of trading is, for us, not marketing, rather foundation and life direction. We have consciously not gone in for our wines to be designated “bio”. To cultivate and bottle wine is a cultural activity upon which man knowingly has influence on the natural processes.


The history of viniculture has taught us much over the century. Much instructive information has been forgotten.

To bring qualities which have slipped into the forgotten back into the light we are focussing intensively with the selection of indigenous Austrian grape varieties – Sankt Laurent, Zweigelt, Blaufränkisch. In this work we are cooperating with DI Helmut Gangl, who is operationg as scientific guide and cultivator. In the selection (of varieties) the greatest value will be placed on gentic diversity and good adaptability of the plants – grapes which in the last decade have stored within themselves “Nature’s Conscience”. These “intelligent” grapes are better suited to the soil and climate conditions. A typical “terroir-note” develops, the unmistakable taste of a wine, a symbiosis of soil, micro climate, grape variety and, of course, the decisive factor of the vintner.

We are taking a further step and working with new varieties from Ing. Georg Weiss, which are crosses between European and American grapes. They demonstrate a high resistance to fungal diseases, but nevertheless have for us the fine, spicey flavours of the traditional varieties. These “new types” are now being tested to enable us to decide their suitability for viniculture. Perhaps this will be the basis for future vine cultivation. Protection also involves change. Nature tells us this every day.

We must protect the impressive diversity of the land. There are many ways of demonstrating that this duty is not empty words. The many-sided ways of expression of our wines is evidence.

Sensibility derives from sinsitivity. We feel for, care for our wines with the greatest attention.

Ground and soil: not possession, but partnership.