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Umathum Estate

The winery is mainly known for its authentic red wines but also produces some very fascinating white wines. The original pannonic white grape variety Lindenblättriger has been revived in the Burgenland, and the rare varieties of Gelber Traminer and Pinot gris are also being cultivated.

The Austrian red wine varieties of Zweigelt, St. Laurent and Blaufränkisch make up about 85 percent of the 30 hectares under cultivation. On both banks of Lake Neusiedl a wide range of different soils is cultivated including slate, lime, clay,

and gravel. The most important sites are Ried Hallebühl, Vom Stein, Haideboden and Kirschgarten, where the only cultivated stone terrace site of the Burgenland is to be found.

Lively soils and responsive plants point us in the right direction, and give us the necessary inspiration on how to care for them. Plants have a memory, and to maintain these genes, we select our vines from ancient vineyards.


Weingut Umathum – Winzer des Monats November 2020 (Youtube)

Das Weingut Umathum
The Wine Estate Umathum

The vineyard operates under clear structures and principles of organic agriculture, after the philosphy of Rudolf Steiner. The aim is to bring mature, healthy and undamaged grapes into the cellar, and therefore the grapes are only hand-picked. Cellaring is undertaken with great care, and the wines are matured mainly in wooden barrels.

Our high-quality wines are only offered for sale after over three years maturation.

An unusual development support program is offered to young talent in the agricultural sector to provide a helping hand when starting up. All those who have received this support, such as the vegetable grower Erich Stekovics or the vintner Uwe Schiefer were formerly unknown, but are today big names in their own fields. (See also “Umathum Pool Charity”)

(See also “Rethink“).