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fünf sterne Excellent

We haven't seen a vintage as fine as this one in the last thirty years, nor such a gratifying harvest yield.

Intense, spicy aromas, along with fullness on the palate shape the character of this vintage. A cool, fresh summer led to a warm, dry fall. All the wines are of above-average quality and some of the reds are even monumental.

For all that, the year began quite in flux: In early May there was a mild, late frost that led to some damage in the lower sections, but by the end of the month it had turned warm enough for the vines to bloom. Consistent precipitation and plenty of sun in June and July assured healthy growth and ample storage of nutrients in the grapes. A moist, cool period

in early August led to fine development of the aromas, as well as a sufficient water supply. Summer really kicked in by mid-August, and with just a brief interruption lasted until early October. Thanks to the lingering warmth we were able to begin harvesting by early September. Fully mature and healthy berries could be plucked from the vines at the optimal moment, without the usual harvest time stress. With the Beerenauslese picked in early December the harvest was complete.