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A graet vintage for red wines

An impressive red wine vintage: thick, heavy, full-bodied wines with soft tannins, a vintage with a density that even surpasses that of the vintage 2002! Subtlety and finesse may not be the trademarks of this vintage, but its combination of strength and spice with mild and soft flavours is fascinating. Vintners who took the necessary precautions in pruning and got their grapes in the cellar on time were rewarded with fine, fruity white wines.
2003 was a year of extreme weather conditions marked by

drought and record-high temperatures. Both the vintners and the grapes were in desperate need of shade. Sweet, small, exceedingly healthy grapes with thick skins were the result: the ultimate prerequisite for great wines.
It is reassuring for us wine-makers, after the fine vintage of 2002, to know that another excellent vintage has been filled in the barrels in 2003.