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Our 2012 wines are bold, full of flavor, and characterized by a light tartness. Deeply ripened and hearty grapes brought forth the distinct spice notes that defined the year. In all, it was a fine vintage with most pleasing wines.

Weather patterns were marked by an interplay of hot and cold periods, combined with a persistent drought. Only a cool and wet stretch in mid July alleviated a severe shortage of moisture.

To begin the year, a mild January was followed by an extremely cold February, while March and April on the other hand were unusually warm. Yet, by mid May frost had returned. On the 18th of May, the Eisheiligen, or “ice saints” as we say in German lands, returned with a night of frost that delivered some damage to the still very sensitive vineyards. Fortunately, the warmth radiating from Lake Neusiedl impeded further havoc. What was missing in large measure

was precipitation as winter was unusually dry and every rain front until the end of July had bypassed Lake Neusiedl.

The growth rate of the grapes was modest, and the constant shift in weather between cool and warm meant the grapes matured in different stages. In the middle of August another heat wave had hit. With the shriveling of some grapes a higher sugar concentration and fruitier taste was reached, all of which make the 2012 vintage so exciting. An early start to the harvest at the end of August and a reduced yield meant that we could wrap up the harvest by September 27th, an earlier date than ever before.