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Vintages before 1995

1994: GOOD

damp, chilly spring, vines grew at a nice rate, a cold spell retarded the flowering, low density of grapes per bunch, of varying levels of ripeness, hot and dry from July until September. This vintage produces very mature, elegant and drinkable wines, most favored are late grapes like Blaufränkisch.


exceptionally warm January, sap began rising, followed by a sudden temperature drop in February (temperature falls 30°C in three days) – some of the vines suffered from the frost – beautiful May weather completes the flowering – very nice summer, early harvest – hot, dry föhn in September shrinks the grapes. Extremely small harvest, very good sugar and acidity readings, enormously high density and concentration – a good vintage with outstanding durability.


very dry winter and spring, rain during the flowering followed by warm and dry weather – temperatures reached record highs, warm föhn winds, very mild nights, considerable amounts of mildew, autumn was warm and dry, harvest started very early, high sugar content, low acidity, very mature wines, plenty of soft tannins, some truly great wines, all having the typical charred flavor.

1991: GOOD

dry winter, cool May – the flowering did not set in until the 30th of June, but then the weather turned very warm. July saw a mix of tropical heat and torrential downpours. Enormous growth rates and immense infectious spread of peronospora. August was dry and warm. The begin of the harvest was a little late, sugar content was good, acidity high. A very high degree of extract content made for firm, stiff and reserved wines, which still proved to be excellent after 5 to 7 years, and show a tendency to open up rather slowly (St. Laurent), there is a very nice presence of Botrytis and a distinct citrus note due to a föhn just before harvest-time. The Prädikatsweine are excellent.


dry winter, dry and warm May, healthy growth of shoots, very dry summer, some damage and loss of harvest due to drought. Strong infectious spread of mildew. September was warm – a very good year with ample harvest. From the start, the wines tasted mature and balanced, with strong fruit flavors. The Burgundies as well as the St. Laurent are big. Good aging capacities.


some parts of the bottom-land were hit by late frost at the end of April – hay-worms were in abundance, some rainfall and cool weather during the flowering, September was rainy, early appearance of Botrytis, the begin of the harvest was slightly delayed, grapes afflicted with moist Botytis and blue and white rot made selective picking necessary. Over all, a very difficult vintage, with small harvests, the quality ranging from average to good, Prädikatsweine sparkle with the luscious creamy flavour achieved by noble rot.


belated budding, cool some wet summer. The harvest began a little late, average sugar content, difficult, cool vintage. The quality is very dependant on the size of the harvest – an average vintage. The early grapes were more successful that year.


again a cool winter, followed by cool spring – belated budding, wet July, then dry and warm until deep into September. The harvest started right on time at the end of September and was carried out speedily. A cold spell in mid October triggered winter’s early begin. Sugar contents are average, but extract levels are very high. It is a good year for the early grape varieties. The wines are very compact, some are of very high quality, the quality depending to a large degree on the size of the harvest.

1986: SUPER

very cold winter, an early and rapid budding followed by very rapid growth of shoots, beautiful, warm May, during flowering some rain and cooler temperatures. The summer was close to perfect, September was warm and dry. The harvest could begin early. The sugar content was very good and high. A big vintage, exceptional quality.


a frosty winter and a cool wet flowering season produced only a very small harvest. Nice growth throughout a nice, warm summer. September was sunny and dry, harvest could be commenced early. Good sugar and acid contents. Very good all-over quality.